Mt Augustus

by St Augustus

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The self-titled debut album for Brisbane fuzz-folk band Mt Augustus, in the making for five years. Featuring guest appearances from members of Little Scout and Ghost Notes.

Available on 12" Vinyl (edition of 200).


released September 25, 2010

All songs written by Cameron Smith and Mt Augustus
Recorded by Cameron Smith at Incremental Studios, 2005-2010
Mastered at Abbey Road

On this record Mt Augustus is Cameron Smith, Daniel Denton, Kat McAulay

Also featuring:
Conan Thorogood - Piano on 'Wandering Eyes', Organ on 'Brunswick'
Mel Tickle - Backing Vocals on 'Brunswick' and 'Cul De Sac'
Pat Elliott - Backing Vocals on 'Brunswick' and 'Cul De Sac', Organ on 'Life Itself'
Luke McCallum - Trumpet on 'The Reverend Storm'

Horns arrangement on 'The Reverend Storm' by Cameron Smith & Scott Bromiley

Thanks go to Pat E, Mel, Pat McD, Simon, Casey, Dan W (aka Monster Monster), Jeremy, Helen, Bec, Scott H, Adrian, Joel, Innez, Ghost Notes, Sunshine Ensemble, Ambitious Lovers, Turnpike, Nova Scotia, Little Scout, No Anchor, The Rational Academy, Running Guns, Velociraptor, too many more bands to mention, Lofly, all the venues who've let us play, 4zzz, our neighbours who never complain when we rehearse, Brisbane street press, and You.


all rights reserved



St Augustus Brisbane, Australia

St Augustus is the solo venture of one Cameron Smith. Follows on from the band Mt Augustus. Slowcore folk pop with occasional forays into volume and noise.

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Track Name: Brunswick
These lights that shine so bright are much less flattering than the moonlight.
These sounds that fill our ears can kill my hopes for conversation.
If I could just hold her hand I'd drag her away from here for a short while,
And I know that we could find a place to sit and watch in the warm night.

And some nights I can't stop staring,
I don't think that she could care half as much as me.
But I guess that's here nor there.
I think I'd better quickly look away.

These lights that shine so bright can sometimes be so easy to hide in.
These sounds that fill our ears can sometimes be so easy to get lost in.
I'll see her in a week, that's the way it is in this town.
Living in each other's pockets and playing in each other's bands.

And some nights I can't stop staring,
I don't think that she could care half as much as me.
But I guess that's here nor there.
I think I'd better quickly look away.

And some nights I can't stop staring,
I don't think that she could care half as much as me.
But I guess that's here nor there.
I think I'd better quickly look away.
She's looking my way so I'll turn the other way.
Track Name: Wandering Eyes
This boy of yours has wandering eyes and a heart that's scared to go
And a mind that sometimes wishes that the two could swap their roles.
And though your boy feels guilty, and feels out of control,
He has made his decision between the known and the unknown.
Track Name: The Game
I don't know your name, I don't know your face.
I can't see past you, I don't know your name.

I won't play your game, I can't match your grace.
I can't see past you, I won't play your game.
Track Name: 12 Hour Trip
My ex-lover's hair is clogging up the drains.
Now I'm drying it out to feel it again
As my lover sits, oblivious, as she combes her hair.

Their eyes are shifting stars,
Not falling but moving gracefully
Across the skies,
But always around her.
And their eyes are floating dust
Caught in my eyes and making them water
They make them burn
Into my memory.

She sits and combes her hair so meticulously,
Then she turns and rubs me on my knee
She does it so reassuringly.
Maybe that's enough.
Track Name: Life Itself
They say I'm losing control
But there's nothing unplanned in this.
If truth were to be told
I feel more of a man for this.
And behind closed doors
I'll give you a golden kiss
To pay for the child
I have dismissed life itself.

And what a betrayal
You've given in payment here.
This man that I know,
This man who was known you well.
This man we both knew
Is knowing no longer.
He's laying in the forest
As I've taken life itself.

The look in your eyes
Is the look of my very own
As I carried that knife
And I saw the reflection of
My very own demise.
And in the flash of blue and red,
My domineering ploy
Has cost me my life itself.

The life that's inside
The line of my blood,
It ends here tonight,
Replaced by that two-faced rogue's.
And oh what he gave you,
The thing I refused to give,
The thing that I feared,
That thing it was life itself.
Track Name: Symbiosis
She cries at nothing until he makes her laugh.
She seems so fragile until she holds him up.
They always used to argue until they talked it through.
And he's treated her so badly but he's trying to make it up.

He's such a strain on her frail emotions,
And she's strain on his limited time.

They haven't seen each other for over two weeks.
Now he's an hour late on a Sunday afternoon.
He says that he's been driving all over the town,
Looking for a place to buy her flowers.

She's what he wants when doesn't have her.
She's what he needs when he needs a body.
They put in the effort for the end.
Track Name: You Were The First One To Reply, You Were The Last One To Reply
She sheds her clothes, he does in kind.
She finds a sheet to hide behind.
And in each others' arms that night
They whisper words of quiet encouragement.

She sheds her clothes, he does in kind.
He praises her in the moonlight.
Praises her curves and finest lines.
Together they get lost in time.

As purple flowers start to fall,
And swept into the gutter's store,
She's making to leave this place.
A lingering question in the air that they both ignore.

She sheds her clothes, he does in kind.
Except they do it in his mind.
What are her thoughts? He cannot know.
Convenience has overthrown
A life of wonder and of fear.
The chance for change, the threat of empty tears.
Track Name: The Reverend Storm
Well this beggars belief,
Saw my wife wracked with grief by my side, in a hospital bed.
Saw a scientific man in a hospital gown, and he looked mere minutes from death.
In the bed next to him lay a man looking grim.
Well he had his own problems and worries, but I screamed in his face.
Tried to break my wife's grace with a stream of scared profanities.

Then I heard my name called from the hallway
And I turned and saw it was filled with mist.
When I stepped into it I became deathly cold,
And I saw these figures who were like silhouettes.

Well they urged me ahead, or ignored what I'd said,
Or answered my questions with nothings.
I looked back in that room, saw a world filled with blame,
So I followed these figures through spite.
As the mist closed around I lost sight of that world,
And the figures were all that I had.
Their words became like acid, condescending and aggressive,
And they beat me into submission.

Then I heard a voice inside: 'pray, pray to the Lord and ask of him
For forgiveness, and he will show you the extent of his love'

And I said the words that came to me
And I felt the pain leaving me
And I sensed a presence who knew me
And I felt lifted from the ground
And I saw a light all around
And I heard a voice say to me
'You finest hour, we will show you,
Along with your failings and all of your shortcomings.
Though we know you we still love you,
Now you must go to your home and your cherished ones'.

And I opened my eyes,
And I saw my wife with her tears,
And I said 'don't cry, I'm back again',
And I remembered the vow I gave.
Track Name: Cul De Sac
We live in a cul de sac and cut our own hair
While our neighbours are fighting or drowning in sleep.
Each day we wake we've moved a step further
From where we began or had been aiming for.

A mother comes home, with the kids, from the grocery store.
A daughter goes back to the car on her own
And locks herself in with the sun beating down
And becomes such a beautiful tragedy.

So dance to the movement of sound in the air
And call out her name when the sound overwhelms you
And think of the way that she'll never forget you
Like your childhood friends whose names you can't remember.

We are surrounded by thousands of magnets
Each one of them saying that they're our true north.
We hold on so tight to each new love that we come across,
But in a year we won't remember them.

Seeing wide eyes peering over the covers
The morning when we were in the house of your cousin's.
Leaning in close and smelling your morning breath,
That is the way that I'd like to remember you.
Forgetting the nights we were bored of each other,
Ignoring the times when the stress got the best of us.
The low hum of traffic and your messy hair,
That is the way that I'd like to remember you.